Industry Leading PVD Coating

Our Clone Rolex Watches are coated with thick layers of platinum and 18-carat gold using a highly advanced PVD process. The PVD coating done by results in a sturdy coat of platinum or 18-carat gold with a thickness level that is 10 times higher than conventional plating methods. PVD is short for Physical Vapor Disposition, a process that turns gold or platinum into vapor and then bonds it to the steel in a vacuum chamber.

One specific part of our coating process is that we use titanium nitride while applying PVD coating to our top-quality Replica Watches. Doing so provides an extremely strong coating on the Wrist Watches. This makes our process a lot more advanced as compared to other methods like electrolysis-based coating. This coating method also makes the watch a lot more resistant to salts from sweating and exposure to seawater.

Brass Watch Needles

One of the defining characteristics of our Rolex Clone Watches is the fine craftsmanship in watch hands. With a high priority on creating perfect looking hands, we use our highest skilled watchmakers to make hands that look identical to the ones found on original Rolex Wrist Watches. The ability to achieve that level of elegance in the finishing and overall quality which makes it identical to an original Rolex is exceedingly rare.

Solid brass is used to create each hand on our top-quality Replica Watches. Each piece is carefully machine cut according to exact measurements and then perfected using diamond polishing. Several different steps come into play to achieve its final form which is achieved through electroplating. The process involves thorough cleaning and then adding a layer of rhodium or gold with constant rinsing between each process.

Glossy Rolex Dials

To create the aesthetic perfection that you see on a genuine Rolex, Replica Rolex Watches employs an extensively complicated method to create the playful and clear look of every Rolex dial. This involves masterfully executed steps which are a blend of traditional methods and technologically advanced systems with modern production styles. The purpose of this is to make sure that our Clone Rolex Watches have the same clarity as you would expect from any professional instrument display.

Each dial is made from brass, on top of which machine cutting is used to create various marks and holes. Each part of the dial is then given its desired colour by introducing the dial to different electroplating baths for permanent bonding.

Metallic Rolex Dials

In the case of watches that feature metallic dials, Replica Rolex Watches employs a highly sophisticated process called “épargne” which creates the signature radiant design on gold or silver surfaces, making the dial feel highly legible and carrying that famous Rolex look. The markings on the watch are introduced using inked silicon by putting the dial in a furnace repeatedly.

The Rolex symbol is attached to each of our Rolex Clone Watches by cutting an extremely precise strip of 18-carat gold that is accurate to 1/100th of one millimetre. The symbol then goes through a thorough sandblasting, after which it is blanked and then it gets the final polish that creates the faint contrasting effect that you see on genuine Rolex Wrist Watches. The Rolex logo is added to the dial carefully, after which our skilled craftsmen add the Watch hands which then get a coating of Super-LumiNova which gives the watch hand their signature glow. The gel is applied using a nozzle pen due to the level of precision required.

Modern Technology for Handcrafted Timepieces

The laboratory where we create our Rolex Clone Watches is home to some extremely high-tech tools and equipment that are needed to create our Replica Watches. some of the equipment that we have includes an electron microscope with a 40,0000x magnification factor, high-speed camera for taking pictures, sophisticated chemical analysis tools, and several high-end devices that measure the effects our Wrist Watches have from different environmental factors like shocks, magnetic fields, temperature changes, and the overall reliability of the watch with time.

Our process of creating Rolex Clone Watches also involves testing the exterior of the Watch for stability by putting it through many strict and severe testing phases. Each part of the Watch is tested for different factors; sapphire crystal for its ability to endure impacts, the dial for facing UV light and corrosive materials, and the bracelet for providing good grip while receiving shocks.

Environment Monitoring

One of the factors that affect the quality of our wrist Watches is the quality of air in our production area. To meet the strict conditions that ensure smooth functioning of Watch chronometers, we have a highly advanced system that allows us to regulate the airflow and its quality which includes maintaining optimal temperature and humidity for each section of production.

This is extremely important in making sure that there is no condensation in our Clone Rolex Watches, something that occurs quite frequently in damp atmospheric conditions. You can often see these systems in electronic and medical production facilities but having them in watchmaking is extremely critical.

Highly Accurate Swiss Assembly assembles each watch precisely by placing the dial on top of the Watch movement. Each Watch hand gets installed with the help of accurately moving machines that also show an enlarged video feed of the process. Once the dial and hands are in place, the watch undergoes a thorough checking process to ensure that things like the watch’s parallelism, centered hand position, and date jump features are all perfectly aligned and in their correct place.

All these parts then go into the casing of our Clone Rolex Watches and firmly installed into their places. After that, the watch crown is added to the movement which is then secured in place using screws. The oscillation weight gets inserted with the help of a dynamometric screwdriver that also fine-tunes the level of tightness torque for the Watch. Once the process is complete, the case back is added to the watch and a machine locks it firmly in place before the engraving process begins on the backside.

Top Quality Elements uses the best quality elements in its Replica Watches which include Super-LumiNova pigment, sapphire crystals, and Moissanite diamonds. The Super-LumiNova pigment is used because it has the highest quality luminescence, non-radioactive, non-toxic, and environment-friendly nature. By using sapphire glass on top of the watch bezel and Moissanite diamonds, our Rolex Clone Watches, become virtually indistinguishable from original Rolex watches.

We also use the highest quality ceramics to create the bezels of our top-quality Replica Watches which make them extremely durable and resistant to any type of corrosion. They come in three different colours, green, blue, and black. They are not affected in any way from UV light and they also do not get scratched in any way.

Geneva-Based Operations are built in an extremely advanced facility in Geneva to meet the highest quality standards required for making Rolex Clone Watches. The inspiration for creating such a facility comes from several other industries that have utilized cutting edge technology to revolutionize traditional processes, in this case, the assembly process for watch movements.

Each step of the assembly process at is carefully monitored using advanced software that runs the production line, directing each movement to its designated station. The assembly line is a mix of stations, some of which are fully automated, while others still involve human interaction with the Watch movement.

COSC Compatible Watch Movements

The assembly process also involves fine-tuning each movement to meet the rigorous time telling standards that the ContrôleOfficiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) has defined for Swiss certified Wrist Watches. The movements of each watch created by are wound using machines once every day for measuring accuracy. A robot monitors the second hand of the watch and the testing process keeps going for 15 days continuously.

There are seven different criteria that each movement needs to meet before it can be awarded the highly lucrative Swiss chronometer certification. This also includes making sure the watch shows time with up to 99.99% accuracy, giving a daily value of variation in time within a range -4 seconds to +6 seconds.

Endless Testing Procedures

Every single watchmaker working at is responsible for putting together our top-quality Replica Watches multiple times, opening them, and reassembling them over and over again until the desired level of finishing quality is met. To make sure that our Rolex Clone Watches meet the highest quality standards, we use the best suppliers in the region and only employ the best watchmakers, complementing all of that with extremely strict testing processes.

Every component undergoes detailed testing, each step ensuring that the standard of quality set by is met every single time.

Finishing Touches

The watch cases made by undergo an extreme water-resistance test which subjects the Watch case to 300 bars pressure. This is followed by a condensation test to check for water leakages. Every aspect of the Watch including colour, hand balance, and overall quality of craftsmanship in elements like straps/chains and Watch dials undergoes an extensive quality check. After our Replica Watches are completely put together, they are also subjected to a test for checking airtightness.

Highly experienced individuals closely monitor each function of our Swiss Clone Watches including push piece function, winding mechanism, bezel movement, power reserve measurement, and overall watch movement. Aesthetic features of each of our wrist watches also undergo the same scrutiny using a magnifying glass to ensure perfection in all external elements. Before the watch is shipped from the factory, it is given one last quality check from both visual and functional angles.