Virtually Impossible to Distinguish

When you buy Wrist Watches from, you can rest assured that not even a professional jeweller will be able to tell the difference. The movements in our Rolex Clone Watches are all made with expert craftsmanship at our workshops in Geneva and Europe.

If a jeweller were to open our Swiss Replica Rolex Watches, it would be nearly impossible for them to identify them as a Clone. The only way to identify it would be through the eyes of an experienced Rolex specialist who has in-depth knowledge about the watch and years of servicing experience.

100% Imitation

The most important part of our Replica Watches is the movement and they look identical to what you see in the original models. The movement looks exactly the same as that of a genuine Rolex. operates from small workshops in Geneva and Europe where we produce the finest Rolex Clone Watches which makes them exceedingly unique and uncommon. An extremely limited number of people are aware of the Replica Watches that creates and now you are one of the few people who have the opportunity to purchase such rare Rolex Super Clone Watches.

Genuine Rolex Movement Replication

From our Swiss Replica Rolex Watches, we sent 4 different movements to 8 different jewellers for authenticity checks. All of these jewellers declared them as authentic Rolex movements and not Rolex Clone Watches! The authentic Swiss quality is present on every Rolex movement and it can be seen when our Replica Watches are opened. The perfection is at the level where you could easily install our movement in a genuine Rolex Watch, and it would work flawlessly.

Individual Component Mapping

What allows us to achieve such a high grade of accuracy and perfection is the laser mapping of individual components. We bought original Rolex Wrist Watches and disassembled them completely before laser scanning them one by one for perfect mapping. This ensured 1:1 replication of each component for use in our Clone Rolex Watches. After that, experienced watchmakers at put together all the parts of the movement using nanotech lubes and Teflon coated gears.

Copying Perfection

The movements made by are an exact match of the individual components you find in original Rolex Wrist Watches. By combining the finest quality cloned parts and latest watchmaking technology, is capable of creating 100% authentic Replica Watches.


0.001mm Scanning Precision

Our process of scanning and mapping Rolex components utilizes extremely accurate laser scanning that can achieve 0.001mm of accuracy level. The advanced computerized modelling and design, custom build component moulds, and high accuracy CNC lasers allow us to create extremely accurate parts. Being an exact copy of the original components makes the perfect parts for our Rolex Clone Watches.


Highly Reliable Movements

Utilizing the advanced nanotech lubrication along with Teflon coated gears allows our movements to retain smooth running indefinitely. The need for servicing is also very rare with a minimum of 5 years of operation without service. This is much longer than compared to the movements of original Rolex Wrist Watches which require servicing every 2 years.

Drops of Nanotech

Lubrication for every watch uses a highly advanced nanotech oil which brings a significant boost to the movement’s lifespan. As compared to authentic Rolex Wrist Watches, these have twice the lifespan in their movement as a result of that lubrication. The oils used in movements are specifically created for our Replica Watches in Switzerland, making the first company to ever use nanotech lubrication.

Meeting Swiss Timekeeping Standards

A key step in the making of Watches is the fine-tuning process that each timepiece undergoes to ensure that it falls within the accuracy range of +5/-4 seconds every 24 hours, as set by the ContrôleOfficiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC). To meet these stringent requirements, a 5-position test takes place which uses highly sophisticated timegraphers to ensure that all Wrist Watches meet the set criteria. It is only after that evaluation that we our Rolex Clone Watches through a final quality check to ensure it meets the highest Swiss quality standards.

Swiss Precision

A 5-position timegrapher test checks the accuracy of all the individual Replica Watches that creates to make sure they meet the requirements for gaining COSC certification. The watches undergo some very extreme testing with multiple Gs of force applied to every unit. This lets us check whether each Watch is going to work without any issues whatsoever.

Identical Heart and Movement

Our Rolex clone watches boast the same vibration speed as that of an original Rolex movement i.e., 28,800 beats per hour. The result of that is an identical smooth motion of the second hand, making you feel like you are wearing an original. This exact number allows our replica watches to achieve the desired effect that makes the user think that the Watch really is a Rolex at its heart.

Swiss in Motion and Aesthetics

All Rolex Wrist Watches that come out of the workshops boast a genuine Swiss ETA Glucydur balance wheel. It comes with the same ETA Inca bloc shock-absorption mechanism with jewels on it, and authentic Nivarox hairspring. The materials composing the balance wheel include copper, beryllium, and iron for its hard nature and physical attributes and 400 Brinnel. The mechanical parts are all non-magnetic and do not corrode as time passes.

The mainsprings in Rolex Clone Watches are the renowned Nivaflex springs, which are a key product by popular Swiss manufacturer Nivarox – FAR SA. About 95% of Swiss Watchmakers opt for this movement for its outstanding quality. This is why Nivarox hairsprings have also been present in Rolex authentic watching for decades. Rolex did recently move to a new mechanism called Parachrom but the performance of that system is not much better than that of Nivaflex springs. They only market it to be better which it simply is not.

Our Collection of Movements for Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex Clone Caliber 3131
– Incredibly Precise and Reliable

This movement boasts hairspring, balance wheel, the mainspring, and some other components, all from ETA. This high-quality standard allows it to meet the requirements for COSC certification and providing excelling accuracy levels. Being a highly popular and durable movement, any of our replica watches containing this movement would last forever.
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Rolex Clone Caliber 3135
– The Wonder of Nano Lubricants

With the best quality Swiss nanotech lubrication, this movement gets a significant boost in its lifespan by enhancing the accuracy and smoothness of the movement. The nano oil application also means you have to go for watch servicing after much longer periods. It can last more than twice the time without service as compared to authentic Rolex wrist watches.
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Rolex Clone Caliber 3156 – Everything Presented Instantaneously

The Rolex clone watches that contain this movement provide instant information on day and date with stop second function as well. Users can see date and time on replica watches with the 3156 movement. Rigorous testing on each component happens constantly for 15 days nonstop for quality assurance.
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Rolex Clone Caliber 3186 – Journey the Planet

This movement has a dedicated 24-hour movement for tracking GMT. You can see the hours change every two hours to let the user maintain secondary time. This movement also has the date function.
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Rolex Clone Caliber 3187 – Smooth Teflon Operation

A key feature of this movement is the Teflon coating on its wheels which provides a flawless movement. The winding is much more improved with the smoothness of the wheels. It also has a 24-hour time complication so you can tell whether it is daytime or night.
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Daytona – Swiss Valjoux 7750 – 260 pieces of simplistic mastery

This is a derivation of the popular Swiss Valjoux 7750 movement. This Daytona caliber in our replica watches boasts a tone of simplicity with just 260 components. Most normal chronographs have many more components which makes this movement a masterpiece in its own way while providing a power reserve of 42 hours.
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Rolex Clone Caliber 3130 – Simple yet powerful

The lesser the components, the smaller the energy footprint. This is the concept this watch works on and the simple design means it can keep working longer, thereby providing a power reserve of 44 hours.
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Rolex Clone Caliber 2235 – Big power in a small package

With less than 6mm thickness and a diameter of barely 20mm, wrist watches boasting this movement have a very small footprint. However, it does not compromise on its performance and provides an impressive reserve rating of 42 hours using only one Nivaflex hairspring. It is also the smallest unit in our range of automatic movements.
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Rolex Clone Caliber 3136 – Swift Effortless Movement

This movement is derived from the renowned 3135 caliber by Rolex. The Rolex clone watches in our collection that have this movement boast up to 38 hours of power reserve and have extremely smooth and continuous second movement.
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Rolex Clone Caliber 4130 – Chronographic precision in 260 pieces

This is a 1:1 replication of the famous Rolex 4130 movement with its base operation being similar toValjoux 7750. The replica watches in our collection with this movement can pride themselves on being home to a true masterpiece movement. The precision, accuracy, and simplicity of this movement make it an ideal fit for high-quality Rolex clone watches.
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