Watch Care

Absolute Customer Satisfaction

Here is a list of the stellar after-sales services you receive from your professional watchmakers at with our Clone Watches.

  • Comprehensive 4-year product warranty covering every aspect of the watch body and movement.
  • Worldwide presence to make sure all your repairing needs are met effectively and quickly.
  • Complete stock of original parts for providing replacement in the least possible time and keeping our customers fully satisfied.
  • Specialist support provided by staff for each customer to answer any queries and assist in every situation.

Rolex – After paying thousands of dollars your coverage is still just 2 years – Double the warranty for paying only a small portion of the cost

The warranty you get from provides 4 years extended warranty period. This is double the amount of warranty you get with original Rolex Watches which cost a lot more than our super high quality Rolex Replicas. Our 4-year warranty provides complete coverage including the ability to send the Watch back to our workshop in Geneva for repairs. The service within the warranty period is free of cost and we make sure that when you get your Watch back it is as good as new. – Comprehensive Protection Agreement

With each of our high quality Rolex Replicas come our protection plan that provides comprehensive coverage to all our customers.

In addition to the free coverage that you get with each of our Clone Watches for two years, you also have the option to upgrade your warranty period to 4 years. This extended warranty changes your default coverage package to a 4-year package and continues to provide all the services included in our default comprehensive warranty. The package provides coverage for all our watches with the ability to claim it from anywhere in the world. Typical extensions on wrist Watches can end up costing a huge amount of money, especially if you buy it from third parties for genuine Rolex Watches. However, with you can get the extension on any of our high quality Rolex Replicas at an extremely economical price which is just $150.