904L Stainless Steel Body

When it comes to high quality Rolex Replicas, 904L steel is pretty much the best possible material for creating the housing for the Watch. The Clone Watches at replica-rolex-watches.io get a tight hermetic seal from its back-side cover by applying a huge 5nm of torque for a perfect fit.

The possibility of any water, dust, external shocks, or possible pressure entering the Replica Watches is completely removed. The Oyster case made by replica-rolex-watches.io has a beautiful design, created using a single piece of 904L stainless steel which is highly resistant to corrosion and is very high quality. The crown guard added to the watch is also made of the same high-quality steel.

Durable Polyethylene Seals

Replica-rolex-watches.io uses top quality polyethylene material for creating the O ring seals and gaskets used in their Rolex Replicas. The sapphire crystal has a gasket made from polyethylene with the screw crown also getting a triple layer of gaskets. The configuration used here is either 3 O rings or one gasket with 2 O rings. The back case of the watch also gets seals with a single O ring seal.

Our oyster case is very special with its ability to protect the watch from dust, water, and moisture penetration. As for the case itself, replica-rolex-watches.io is probably the only company making Swiss Rolex Replicas by using a case that is cut from a single piece of 904L stainless steel which requires a dedicated press capable of cutting the case shape.

Screw Design Watch Crown

The legendary screw-down design of Rolex Watches is exactly what you will find in our Rolex Replicas as well. When the whole Watch is assembled, the case closes completely using the screwing mechanism on the crown to complete the watertight seal of the watch. 10 different materials come into play when talking about our Triplock mechanism implemented for the crown. We are proud to say that replica-rolex-watches.io is the only Replica Watch Company that has been able to recreate the Rolex screw crowns accurately.

It does not matter if a Watch has a stellar case and rock-hard glass cover, having a standard crown can become a huge problem for most Watches. Rolex Watches come with two different types of crown mechanisms, depending on the type of waterproof rating that the watch requires. The majority of their Watches come with the Twinlock system. The Twinlock system in the crowns of our Clone Watches has a water resistance rating of 100 meters or 300 feet.

TripLock Sealing System

The more sophisticated Watch sealing system that Rolex uses in their watches is the Triplock sealing mechanism. Just like the Twinlock, this system also has 10 different components that come together to create a waterproof seal that works for up to 1000 feet or 300 meters. The Triplock system in replica-rolex-watches.io Rolex Replicas can be distinguished from the signature 3 dots under the crown and the fact that it is larger in size as well.

The case tube of the Triplock system in replica-rolex-watches.io Clone Watches is larger and uses four O rings to create its waterproof seal. Opening the crown would give you a view of the first ring, whereas the other three rings are covering the tube and the winding mechanism.

Swiss Made O rings

The gaskets used in replica-rolex-watches.io Replica Watches are made from P.H.E and each piece is designed to fit individual models perfectly. The high-quality Swiss rings and lubricant make sure that the seal is perfectly tight in all the areas including the buttons, top glass, case back, and the crown as well. All replica-rolex-watches.io Clone Watches feature Swiss manufactured O rings and gaskets.

The custom seals are made after analysing the seals in original Rolex Watches and the chemical properties are analysed to figure and replicate the exact compounds. They are also rested for their durability and the ability to meet the Swiss sealing standards. The gaskets used by replica-rolex-watches.io feature excellent resistance to elements like ozone, temperature, mineral oils, oxygen, chemicals, and other organic solvents.

Swiss Sealing Lubrication

A key component of water resistance is to stay put under pressure and the O rings in Rolex watches have a lot more elasticity than regular O rings. To make sure that they show the same performance over the years, a special P.H.E sealant is also added to keep the ring flexible and resistant to cracking and corrosion of any kind. All of this is essential to make sure that the watch keeps on running smoothly.

If the rubber seal breaks, the water will enter the watch and damage it immediately, making the sealant quite important. The Rolex Replicas that replica-rolex-watches.io makes have the same high-quality components along with the required sealant to make sure it stays just as effective with the passage of time.

Deep Water Pressure Testing

Every single one of our Super Clone Watches undergoes a water resistance test with the pressures you feel at 100 meters deep water. In addition to that, the Rolex Replicas for the diver models also get the signature Helium Release Valve, similar to the one you find on original Rolex Watches. It also has the thicker than normal layer of sapphire glass on top, again, keeping in sync with an original diver Rolex. This makes the replica-rolex-watches.io equally waterproof with a rating of 300 meters! Our waterproof testing is carried out in the Roxer Natator 125, a tool that Rolex itself approves for testing the waterproofing seals on original Rolexes.

Swim All You Want

For testing the waterproof properties of its Watches, replica-rolex-watches.io uses the Rolex approved Roxer Notator 125. Our waterproof testing is quite rigorous, and we perform all the tests using the Notator chamber which can create incredibly high pressures in its enclosure.

All the Rolex Replicas created by replica-rolex-watches.io have high quality 904L stainless steel as their base which undergoes a lot of enhancements. The solid construction of the body makes sure that water is not able to get into the watch from any point. That pure engineering in addition to the craftsmanship of the watchmakers at replica-rolex-watches.io makes sure that our Clone Watches live up to their guarantee of performing flawlessly when in deep water.

Go to the Really Deep End

When wearing the Rolex Sea Dweller Clone Watches made by replica-rolex-watches.io, you do not expect to be in a swimming pool. This watch is for serious divers and is therefore ready to go deep with you, thanks to its helium valve. As soon as the Watch reaches a pressure difference of 3-5 bars underwater, the helium valve opens to remove the helium inside the watch.

The mechanism requires the diver to return to a shallow area before going out of the water. The Replica Watches, just like the originals, need some time to decompress themselves after having reached such a deep dive. This process involves releasing the helium still present in the mechanism, bringing the Sea Dweller clone watches to reach their normal pressure.

Explore Depths of 300 meters, Thanks to the 5.5mm Sapphire and the Helium Valve

To clarify the point further, the helium that our Replica Watches contain goes out a lot slower than the speed at which you reduce the surrounding pressure by swimming back up to the surface. So, it is important to let the watch reduce that pressure by releasing the Helium at its own speed. Not doing so could result in an immense build-up of pressure inside the watch, potentially causing damages to the movement.

In watches that have normal air inside them for extreme pressures, the size of the watch dial and its overall dimensions needs to be quite large. However, for replica-rolex-watches.io Clone Watches, we use an extra-thick 5.5mm dome-shaped sapphire crystal in its Sea Dweller watches, making them extremely waterproof while retaining the same size as that of original Rolex Watches.