Warranty & Returns

International Service Warranty

The following terms of the replica-rolex-watches.io International Guarantee apply to replica-rolex-watches.io watches sold or presented for guaranteed service in any country. Your Swiss replica-rolex-watches.io watch is guaranteed, subject to the exclusions mentioned here under, from 24 or 48 months, depending on the Warranty cover you choose, from the date of purchase against any problem in the working of the watch and for any manufacturing defect. For a period of 24 or 48 months from the date of purchase, only parts which are defective as a result of a manufacturing defect, as determined by our authorized service agents, will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Manufacturers’ defects are covered under warranty.

Authorized service agents

Only Authorized replica-rolex-watches.io service workshops can provide the replica-rolex-watches.io International Guarantee service, in accordance with Swiss replica-rolex-watches.io factory instructions. Any service, repair or other intervention on the watch not made by an authorized replica-rolex-watches.io service agent will void the replica-rolex-watches.io International Guarantee. You must email us with a tracking number after your product has been sent out so we can add to our files. When we pick up the returns, we will be looking for your RMA # number. Packages without tracking numbers emailed to us in advance will be returned to the customer. Please insure your return. We are not responsible for shipping damages. Allow up to 1-2 weeks to receive your repair product.

Replica-rolex-watches.io International Service Guarantee exceptions

Replica-rolex-watches.io International Guarantee does not cover: Damage resulting from accidental impacts, inappropriate or abusive use (shocks, crushing, etc.), alterations caused by exposure to strong magnetic fields and high temperatures, unauthorized repairs or manipulations, as well as the consequence of the normal wear and aging of the watch; Watches where the individual serial number or any other identification mark has been deliberately removed or altered; Theft or loss; Loss of water-resistance after 60 months from the date of purchase if the watch is not properly serviced at replica-rolex-watches.io Swiss Service agents; Intentional damage, or general wear and tear (such as scratches, dents/chips, etc.).

Replica-rolex-watches.io International Service Warranty tips

Make sure the crown is always screwed in tight so water does not get in. If any water damage is detected to have gotten in from the crown not being tight, water damage is not covered. Intentional crown/stem damages are not covered. In most cases, crown/stem damages result from the customer pulling extremely hard at the stem, thus jamming the movement. However, if the crown/stem damage is due to a manufacturers’ defect, we will gladly repair/replace your product. The product is subject to final inspection before it is repaired or exchanged. If your Watch cannot be repaired, we will send you a replacement of the exact same model. If that model is out of stock, then you can choose another product of the same value.

Refunds/Exchanges Policy

The product must be post-marked no later than 7 days from the day you received it. Please contact us to receive an RMA#. Email us the tracking number after your product has been sent out. When we pick up the returns, we will be looking for your RMA # number. Packages without tracking numbers emailed to us in advance will be returned to the customer. Please note: Customers who do not follow our refund policy and return a used/worn watch will be forwarded to our Collection Agency and the matter will appear on your credit report. Please insure your return. Replica-rolex-watches.io is not responsible for shipping damages. Allow 21-35 days for the credit to appear on your credit card statement.

100% Refund

The product must be returned unused and in the original condition you received it in, with all original replica-rolex-watches.io packaging and no signs of wear. The original plastic warp must be intact. Sorry, used products cannot be credited back or exchanged for a new product. By wearing the product the first time, your refund/exchange policy is void. We can easily determine whether the watch has been worn as the green hologram or plastic covers begin to fade once the watch has been worn. The product is subject to final inspection before your return is processed. Refunds will be issued for the 100% total amount of the purchase product only less the transaction fees. Shipping cost for returns and exchanges will be at the customer expense. Please make sure you return your merchandise by a traceable method to assure delivery.