Solid 904L Stainless Steel

One of the most important parts of our Replica Rolex Watches is the stainless-steel body. To provide the highest standard of quality, we use 904L steel which is cut using a heavy-duty 250-ton press. This steel is typical in chemical industry applications where resistance to corrosion is a must. Being a superalloy means this material is a perfect companion to other high-end materials that Super Clone Watches come with. The steel in every Watch is highly resistant to corrosion and can gain an amazing level of polish.

Several other watchmakers prefer using 316L stainless steel. However, the quality of 904L is significantly higher, and that allows to stand out among the crowd with ease. The high quality of steel in our Replica Watches allows us to clearly stand out as the Watchmaker of choice for Rolex Replica Watches.

Anti-Corrosive & Nonmagnetic Body

One of the key features of the 904L steel that Replica Rolex Watches uses in its Clone Watches is the nonmagnetic nature of this steel. This is essential for any mechanical watch to make sure it keeps on running flawlessly. You can also give it any shape you want without magnetizing it at any stage. The primary reason for developing 904L steel was to make it resistant to sulfuric acid. However, that qualification automatically makes it resistant to other corrosive materials as well like minerals and salts that can easily damage ordinary wrist watches, especially around the case back threads.

At you can expect to see even better performance as we also add a higher quantity of chromium and nickel to the steel which makes it even more suitable for creating beautiful Rolex Replica Watches. It is also resistant to chloride which is a common cause for corrosive effect on most watches.

High-Quality Materials used in our Super Clone Rolex Watches

When it comes to Clone Watches, is perhaps the sole watchmaker that uses high-end materials like 18-carat gold in all its shades and platinum alloys with 95% platinum and 5% palladium. We also employ an effective plating method called PVD which ensures a strong and beautiful coating. The result is top quality Wrist Watches that no other Clone Watch manufacturer can match.

Another important reason for using such expensive materials is to make sure that the Replica Rolex Watches we create are virtually indistinguishable from their original counterparts. The high-quality materials also provide the same promise of lifelong functioning that you get with an original Rolex Watch. This is also the reason why our Clone Watches command a much higher price as opposed to cheap fake watches that last you only a few months at best.

Sapphire Crystal Top

All replica watches coming out of ’s workshop have high clarity, Sapphire crystal on its face. This crystal can resist scratching very effectively and is also has an anti-glare coating on the inside. Each glass is exactly the same in terms of its thickness and magnification level as that of its original Rolex counterpart.

To make synthetic sapphire, a very high level of skill is necessary along with some very sophisticated tools and techniques. Having access to all those things is virtually non-existent in the clone watches industry, giving a special edge. The anti-glare coating is an equally difficult process, the expertise for which is unique to .

Super-Luminova Technology

One key feature of Rolex Wrist Watches is its ability to glow in the dark for a long time. To achieve that effect, employs the Super-LumiNova which is a coating of photoluminescent material. The material gets activated from either sunlight or other direct sources of light. When fully activated, you should be able to see the markings on your watch dial for the whole night. This means you should be able to tell time even in the darkest settings without any problems.

Our Rolex Replica Watches also have the same coating on the dials, just like you would find on original Rolexes. The material does not age and will continue to work for as long as the watch lives which is indefinite.

Moissanite Diamond Studs

Another key feature that sets apart the Clone Watches makes is the use of real Moissanite diamonds in its watches. They add a lot of value to our Replica Rolex Watches and with a refractive index that lies between 2.65 and 2.69, it looks a lot more beautiful and shinier than real diamonds!

It also has a much higher dispersion ratio which allows Moissanite diamonds to bend light much better, thereby creating beautiful patterns of refracted light. With an overall ratio being higher than materials like diamond, sapphire, emeralds, and rubies, you can expect to see this material create a constant show of beautiful light patterns, regardless of the time of day.

Much Thicker Gold Plating

Ordinary methods of gold plating, especially the ones used in jewellery create a thickness level of 1 micron. This is to minimize material use and save costs. PVD plating, on the other hand, provides a thickness of 10 microns. This means that the Wrist Watches made by have a much higher content of gold on their Watches and this is a lot more than some other Watchmakers as well. Having a thicker layer of gold also makes the watch much more robust in its build quality. For titanium nitride coating, the same process also provides resistance to scratches and protects the base metal from getting scratched from bumping around.

The result of adding titanium nitride to 904L steel is a surface that is quite hard and feels rough to the touch. For both gold and platinum, this process allows us to fill any cavities that may be present on the steel. This way, when the actual platinum or gold coating goes on our Rolex Replica Watches, the surface is even and smooth. The high edges of the titanium nitride also protect the top layer, preventing it from wearing off with time.

High-temperature Sapphire Production

Producing synthetic sapphire for our Clone Watches requires heating alumina which is a type of aluminium oxide to a massive 2050° Celsius where it reaches its fusion point and is then mixed with oxygen and hydrogen. The process is 15 hours long during which the crystallized form of alumina is produced like stalagmites. The material is then stabilized by reheating it to 1800° Celsius.

The crystal is then cut into extremely thin sheets with a diameter of 2/100th of a millimetre using diamond-tipped saws after which the thickness of the crystal is adjusted in a process called surfacing.

Aesthetic Elements

What defines the high grade of quality for the Replica Rolex Watches made by is the aesthetic elements of each watch. The Super-LumiNova coating on the dials, sapphire glass over the watch bezels, and the Moissanite diamonds, engraved into the face define the high-quality aesthetics of our clone watches. All these elements, together with their authentic Rolex quality and fine craftsmanship is what makes our wrist watches impossible to differentiate from real Rolex Watches.

The bezels are made from high-quality anti-corrosive ceramics and come in a range of colours. These include green, blue, and black, and they are protected in every way from damage caused by UV rays or scratches.

No Scratching

Using 904L stainless steel means working with a material that does not want to bend. That requires us to use a heavy-duty 250-ton press to shape the steel for our Wrist Watches. The polishing process for this steel creates a grainy effect on its surface which makes it extremely difficult to scratch it. This is a huge advantage as scratching is common in most watch straps, including the ones you find on original Rolex Watches. Added to the corrosion-resistant properties of 904L, this is a huge advantage that you get from purchasing Clone Watches made by

Signature Laser Etched Crown

A special feature that you will see on our Replica Rolex Watches is a minuscule laser etched Rolex crown. This crown is present at the 6 o’clock position on the sapphire crystal. The dome-shaped design of our synthetic sapphire comes from grinding the top and bottom of the crystal. Once the process is complete and the crystal fits the bezel perfectly, it is polished with special chemicals for extra clarity.

After that, the crystal goes into a furnace to add the anti-glare coating using vacuum evaporation inside a sterile lab. Having features like this is what makes Clone Watches stand out as the best Replica Watches you can buy.

100% Swiss watch movements

Our production line is entirely based in Switzerland and Europe and we have created a system that involves a highly advanced process. Every watch movement is measured by a robot that tests it extensively for quality assurance for 15 days. The perfection of our timepieces comes from our highly skilled team members who play a key role in developing the build procedures of our Rolex Replica Watches.

Reaching the level of quality that Rolex achieved took us 5 years. This is the same level of quality that has afforded Rolex with the fame it has gathered in the watchmaking industry and allowing it to create its own movements and calibre’s. The Clone Watches make are the only replicas in the entire world that can claim to meet the accuracy standards of a COSC certification.