Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it safe to order from the Replica-rolex-watches.io website ?

Replica-rolex-watches.io is a reputable website and you are guaranteed of a safe and secure transaction on the site. We use VeriSign military-grade encryption program to protect personal information of customers on our site. In the case that any fraudulent transaction occurs while using your credit card on the site, we’ll refund the $50 maximum penalty fee that you may be charged by your bank. However, you can rest assured that no fraud can ever happen while transacting on our site.

2. Are Replica-rolex-watches.io dials very detailed ?

The Replica-rolex-watches.io dials come with super sharp and precise fonts. It’s impossible to differentiate any of the parts because every single part is a direct imitation of the original. The dials come from the same pressing and materials of the original Rolex.

3. Are Replica-rolex-watches.io Swiss made Watches waterproof and can I swim whilst wearing the Watch ?

Yes! All Replica-rolex-watches.io Swiss Hand Made Watches are factory-fitted with exceptional dual core silicone “O” Rings and Swiss PHE rubber seals. The scratch resistant Swiss sapphire crystal also ensures that the Watch is perfectly put together with great depth. With the high quality 904L solid stainless steel build, you don’t have to worry about saltwater causing damage to your watch. Every watch from the factories of Replica-rolex-watches.io is uniquely crafted and tested in 100 meters of water depth, so you don’t have to worry that your watch will break under water. The special diver models come with functional Helium Release Valve that is fitted with a Replica of the original’s extra thick Sapphire crystal and has been tested in 300 meters water depth. So, it’s water-resistant and you can swim while wearing it.

Genaral Questions

4. Are there many fake replica watches sold on the Internet ?

Unfortunately, yes. Basically, there are a variety of quality types when it comes to replica watches. However, there are three main types that you can find on the internet. Asian-made fake replica is the first. These watches are of poor quality, and you can easily identify them. The Asian-made Swiss ETA movement is the second replica fake watches option in the market. These are of medium quality featuring the Asian-made ETA look but not the original ETA movements. All you have to do is inspect them to identify their fakeness. There are many websites that sell these so-called Swiss replicas for about $200 to $400, which is another reason to be wary of them. A genuine Swiss made movement watch costs from $340 USD for a basic ETA 2836-2 and about $900 for the Valjoux 7750 chronograph.

The Genuine Swiss Hand-made Limited Production Rolex Replica is the third type. This type of Replica Watches is very rare to find. One of the major differences between the Genuine Swiss Hand-made and the other types of Replica Rolex is that the former is made in Switzerland with authentic Swiss parts and movements. This makes the higher cost justifiable because in the real sense, you’re getting more value for your money.

5. Whats the warranty for Replica-rolex-watches.io timepieces ?

When you purchase any Rolex Swiss Replica watch from us, you get a 2-year Standard Warranty or a 4-year extended Warranty. Our seasoned and certified master watchmakers boast of more than 20 year’s experience in the making of Swiss Watches. This guarantees the exceptional quality of our Watches.

6. How can I trust the quality of Replica-rolex-watches.io Watches ?

Replica-rolex-watches.io offers Swiss Hand-made Watches. As far as quality goes, you can only get the best of quality with our genuine Swiss made timepieces. Our Watches are crafted under stringent guidelines and are designed to last a lifetime. In addition to this, you can never distinguish between our Watches and a genuine Rolex, which means you are getting great value for money when you buy our products.

7. How can I trust Replica-rolex-watches.io with my money ?

Replica-rolex-watches.io is a licensed vendor with MasterCard and Visa and we offer absolute protection and security for your financial details, even when using your credit cards. We accept different types of payment methods, including credit card, bank wire transfer, and Western Union. This means you can choose your preferred method of payment for faster service.

8. Will anyone be able to differentiate between the Replica-rolex-watches.io Watch I receive and an original Rolex Watch ?

The major way to identify a Replica Rolex is to open up the back to check the movement. With our latest Rolex Clone Swiss Movements, it’s practically impossible to detect the difference between our Replica Watches and an original Rolex. Only an exceptionally trained eye can identify the difference between a Rolex Clone Watch from Replica-rolex-watches.io and a genuine movement.

Mechanically, Replica-rolex-watches.io Clone movements are exactly the same as the original Rolex movements. In fact, they both beat at the same 28,800 vibration rate per hour. With this, we are very sure that it will be almost impossible to recognize the difference. In the case that a jeweler opens the watch, it will be practically impossible for him to differentiate between Replica-rolex-watches.io Clone movements and those of the original Rolex.

We can’t overemphasize the fact that our Swiss Replicas are distinct and very rare. The watches are hand-made, and our factory has the capacity to produce only a small quantity every year because each piece is individually hand-crafted. We use the same material quality as the genuine Rolex. We also use real 18k gold/platinum PVD Plating, and top quality solid 904L stainless steel, just like the real Watch. With this, the weight and feel of our Replica Rolex and the original Watch are the same.

9. Why should I buy a Swiss Replica Rolex Watch ?

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to opt for a Swiss Replica. Some of them include:

  • You need a high quality watch that can withstand wear and tear, which you can wear on a regular basis instead of your original Rolex watch.
  • You desire to have a genuine watch but it’s just too expensive.
  • You would like to make an impression on your business associates or friends.

The major reason why you would be interested in purchasing a Swiss Hand-made Replica rather than the regular Replica is due to the fact that it’s near impossible to differentiate between the replica-rolex-watches.io Replica timepiece and the genuine one. Asian-made and Japanese made Replicas are mass produced, which is why they don’t possess the craftsmanship and fine detailing of the genuine Watch.

10. How exactly are the movements of Replica-rolex-watches.io Swiss hand made Replicas made ?

The first step in the making of the movements of replica-rolex-watches.io Rolex Clone Watches is to get the genuine movements. We totally disassemble the parts of the movement and re-craft it with the use of the most advanced CAD/CAM & CNC Laser Machines. Using the same 100% original Rolex materials, we produce the replica-rolex-watches.io Rolex Clone Swiss movements in the same way. This is why it is possible to install replica-rolex-watches.io Rolex Clone Swiss movements in a genuine Rolex case, and install the genuine hands and dial, as well as other parts, and have them work perfectly together. All parts of our Watches can be interchanged with the genuine ones and they’ll work perfectly well together. We use only original Swiss base movements as well as other components, such as cams, gears, and so on. All replica-rolex-watches.io movements are tested and certified to be within COSC certification limits.

11. Why do Replica-rolex-watches.io Swiss Replica Watches cost much less since they are made with the same Swiss movements ?

In reality, only 20% of the price of a Rolex makes up the production cost. The remaining 80% is the profit of the company. Replica-rolex-watches.io Swiss Replica Watches sell for only an 8th of the cost of a genuine Rolex, meanwhile, it’s 99.9% exactly the same.


When you purchase a replica-rolex-watches.io Swiss Replica, you buy straight from the factory, and you only pay for the production cost and nothing more. However, when you purchase a genuine Rolex, you pay way more than the production cost. What you pay for includes:

  • Design & development
  • Production cost
  • Facilities expenses
  • Global advertising
  • Exhibition costs
  • Custom tax and vat
  • National & local dealers’ profit

12. How detailed are the dials on Replica-rolex-watches.io made Watches ?

The fonts on replica-rolex-watches.io Replica Watches dials are very precise and sharp. It’s practically impossible to distinguish the parts from the genuine because everything is designed to replicate the original. The materials and pressing of replica-rolex-watches.io dials are the same as the genuine Rolex.

13. Can I swim with a Replica-rolex-watches.io Watch ?

Absolutely yes! You can swim while wearing a replica-rolex-watches.io Rolex Replica Watch. This is because all replica-rolex-watches.io Swiss Hand Made watches are factory-fitted with exceptional dual core silicone “O” Rings and Swiss PHE rubber seals. The scratch resistant Swiss sapphire crystal also ensures that the Watch is perfectly fit together with great depth. With the high quality 904L solid stainless steel build, you don’t have to worry about saltwater causing damage to your Watch. Every watch from the factories of replica-rolex-watches.io is uniquely crafted and tested to 100 meters of water depth, so you don’t have to worry that your Watch will be damaged under water.  The special diver models come with a functional Helium Release Valve that is fitted with a Replica of the original’s extra thick Sapphire crystal and tested in 300 meters of water depth. So, it’s definitely water-resistant and you can swim while wearing it. You shouldn’t be deceived by online watch dealers that claim that they have better quality sealants. The fact is that there are no better quality sealants than what replica-rolex-watches.io Replica Watches use.

14. Why are our Watches a 99% exact Replica of a genuine Rolex and not 100% ?

The reason for saying replica-rolex-watches.io Replica Watches are 99% and not a 100% Replica  is because of the brand name. The brand name “Rolex” is the only thing that differentiates replica-rolex-watches.io Watches from an original Rolex. Moreover, saying it’s 100% exact to a genuine Rolex means we want to put Rolex out of business.


You can expect an original replica-rolex-watches.io Watch to last as long as any original Rolex. Our Swiss Hand-made Replicas have only original Swiss-made parts. Each watch is uniquely hand-crafted like an original Rolex. The major difference between replica-rolex-watches.io watches and genuine Rolex is that our replica watches have unique Swiss-made parts source. The processes used for testing the watches are basically the same with COSC. However, our watches are crafted to precision and perfection. When you purchase a replica-rolex-watches.io watch, you can be sure that you will never be disappointed in any way.

15. Will the materials we use at Replica-rolex-watches.io every tarnish in the Watch I buy ?

Never! Our Swiss Hand-made Replica Watches will never fade or tarnish. We understand that you may have purchased cheaper versions of Watches that fade over time, but this is not the case with our watches. Replica-rolex-watches.io Swiss Hand-made Replica Watches are made with 904L stainless steel and 18 carat gold or platinum PVD Plating. However, not many watch makers can afford to use these materials. Instead, they use stainless steel with thinly gold plating. Moreover, the gold used is usually inferior.

For instance, the thin plating used on Asian replicas only lasts for a couple of months. With acidic components of sweats, it starts to oxidize. When this happens, the fake gold plated stainless steel will begin to wear off and with time, you’ll start to see the cheap base metal. The higher quality Japanese-made replicas feature genuine gold plated and the plating is much ticker. Still, it will fade off within a year.

For replica-rolex-watches.io Replica Gold model Watches, we use a revolutionary gold plating method that utilizes solid 18 carat gold and titanium nitride. This means you can expect 100x more durability with replica-rolex-watches.io Watches when compared to other gold wrapped watches. Replica-rolex-watches.io PVD plating on the other hand offers an exceptionally long-lasting coating of platinum or gold, which is 10x thicker than the regular gold plating. As a matter of fact, the replica-rolex-watches.io PDV plated watches are sometimes more durable than the measured thickness. They retain their originality and quality even when polished.

It will be of interest to you to know that the replica-rolex-watches.io new PVD gold plated watches, which is absolutely exclusive to replica-rolex-watches.io, feature twice the quantity and quality of gold content used on original Swiss gold plated watches. The PVD gold plated watches have the ability to last for several years. The timepiece looks new every time you wear it.

Now, we need to emphasize the importance of watch maintenance as this can significantly affects its longevity and durability. The way you take care of your watch and how often you wear it and expose it to saltwater will determine its lifespan. In theory, PVD plated watches remain intact, and the gold won’t fade off. However, regular use and exposure to salt from acidic sweat will corrode the gold. This is 100% true even for genuine gold.


Original gold will usually turn black and dark in color but PVD gold on the other hand will slowly wear off due to chemical reactions. This means you need to keep any type of gold away from salt and acidic sweat. Every replica-rolex-watches.io Swiss Replica Watch comes with maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of your timepiece. By following the maintenance tips, you can have your watch lasts for decades.

From experience, we can tell you that when the PVD gold plated watch starts fading, the part that is mostly affected is the band. The good part is that you can easily purchase another band, which costs less than $200. With this, you’ll get your watch back to its premium state with extended lifespan. Now, when you consider the fact that an original Rolex gold Watch costs between $4000 and $9000, the replica-rolex-watches.io Replica Watch is definitely a better alternative.

16. Will everyone really think a Watch made by Replica-rolex-watches.io is an original Rolex Watch ?

Well, we’ll be unable to specifically tell you what others will think. However, we can assure you that our Replica Watches are Upgraded Swiss Hand-made replicas and are of the same quality and grade of a genuine Rolex. Therefore, if an experienced jeweler opens up the watch to check, it will be almost impossible for them to detect whether it’s the real thing or not, especially because the movement is also 100% cloned.

Replica-rolex-watches.io Replicas are Swiss Hand-made and crafted under extremely stringent guidelines. Each individual piece – movement, crown, case, band, etc. – is hand-crafted and costs more than the actual price of the watch itself. You should bear in mind that though a lot of replica-rolex-watches.io models sell for about $1350 USD, the truth is that they are worth more in terms of value and quality.

17. How soon can I get my Watch after ordering ?

We ship all replica-rolex-watches.io orders from our international warehouse and the exact delivery time is dependent on customer’s geographical location. However, you can expect your delivery within 14-18 days.  In case there is any delay with your order, you will receive an email notification telling you the details of the delay and how long it will be.

It’s important to note that replica-rolex-watches.io is not responsible for shipping delays. This is because we do not have any control once an item has been shipped.


18. Is it safe to order through the Replica-rolex-watches.io Website ?

Yes, it’s very safe and secure to order through our website. When you place your order through our site, you are guaranteed a safe order, even safer than ordering physically. All payment information of our customers is secure with VeriSign military-grade encryption program. In the case that any fraud is committed while using your credit card on our website, we assure you of the payment of the $50 maximum penalty fee that you may be charged by your bank. However, you can be rest assured that no fraudulent activity can ever happen while ordering on our site. You may also be interested to know that you can also place your orders over the phone.